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NOTES: County Voter Lists updated on 11Feb2020.  Total Registered Active and Inactive all Broomfield precincts as of 10Feb2020 are 53,121 (was 52,665 on 23 Jan 2020).  Total Actives are: 46,979 . Total Actives in HD33 are 16,815.  . Total active records for Broomfield and HD33 areas: 63,794.   16Dec2019 - Converted to Precinct view in preparation for 2020 voter tracking -- use the "2020 Election" grid which tracks by Precinct vs Ward. This site is not sanctioned by Broomfield GOP. - EF 

Note: Connor, at Boulder GOP, has provided an updated voter file for Boulder HD33 as of 27Dec2019. He also indicates his totals are for "Actives" only.   EF

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Data provided by the State through Broomfield County twice monthly. HD33 data provided separately from Boulder County.  
BF County now excludes those that "opt out" of reporting -- in June of 2018 that wss 800 voters. Not much we can do about it.