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NOTES: County Voter Lists updated on 03Sep2020 at 10:36am.  Total Registered Active and Inactive all Broomfield precincts as of 03Sep2020 are 54,838 (was  54,830 on 23Aug2020).  Total Actives are: 48,674 . Total actives in HD33 are 16,815.  . Total active records for Broomfield and HD33 areas: 65,489.   

16Dec2019 - Converted to Precinct view in preparation for 2020 voter tracking.

This site has been on-going, without interruption for 11 years and is paid for by a few patriots dedicated to preserving this service for the benefit of Broomfield, Weld and Adams Counties. If you wish to contribute to keep this site going, contact Erich at 720 635 7141.    

Note: Connor, at Boulder GOP, has provided an updated voter file for Boulder HD33 as of 27Dec2019. He also indicates his totals are for "Actives" only. No further updates, Per Connor as of 02May2020.  EF

 Migrated to New Server Site 17Apr2019. ---  Alpha Anywhere 12  Version Build 7040-5530 15 Sep 2020 -EF   

Data provided by the State through Broomfield County twice monthly. HD33 data provided separately from Boulder County. HD33 (Mindy) has not asked for my help in the 2020 election.   
BF County now excludes those that "opt out" of reporting -- in June of 2018 that was 800 voters. Not much we can do about it.